Game Review: To The Moon

This was originally created for my 2014 major project for my University Degree at the University of Wollongong.

Original Title: “To The Moon: The Next Stop on the Feels Train

Here is a quick guide on how to play To The Moon:

  • Play game
  • Complete game
  • Curl up into a ball
  • Try not to cry
  • Cry harder!

Yep this is one of those games that sends you on a long trip on the feels train and never lets you get off, even now as I gaze upon the moon I still feel like sheading a tear. This game is that good!

I just want to reinforce the feels you will feel (source)

So what is this game that can send a grown man into tears? To the Moon is a point and click game that follows Dr Watts and Dr. Rochelle as they carry out the dying wish of John, which if you haven’t guessed it is sending him to the moon. They use a device that sends them into the memories of John and you learn about the life of John, his wife River and his friends Isabelle and Nicholas.

While the game features heavy dialogue and a very emotionally involved story that doesn’t mean to say there isn’t a good laugh or 2 in it. Dr. Watts’s dialogue breaks up the seriousness with his banter and jokes with Dr. Rochelle including a Dr. Who reference in there. Other than that this story has had a lot of work put into the story and writing of the game. In fact not only did the story have a lot of work done to it, but also the art in the game. This game is beautiful to look at for the 4 hours you will find yourself playing it.

Gameplay screen (source)

The gameplay in this particular game really rustled my jimmies. While everything in this game was so perfect I just couldn’t understand the point and click method where I had to point and click where I wanted to move. It would have felt smoother with the WASD or arrow keys to move and LMB as an action button. With the point and click method I found myself miss clicking too often and walking around in places that I didn’t particularly wanted to visit. Other than those 2 little things, this game is what indie titles are meant to be, fun exciting, story driven and a perfect way to spend 4 hours.

Overall this game is a masterpiece and one of the best indie titles I have ever played. I highly recommend heading over to steam or Green man gaming to pick up this title and play it now.

I also wish to say that we here at Vitamin Games were really looking forward to creating a let’s play in this game however, the game didn’t co-operate with our screen recording software. This means we failed in our Let’s play goal for this week and we are sincerely sorry


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