GAME REVIEW: Super Meat Boy

The Following was created for my 2014 major project at the University of Wollongong

Original Title: “Super Meat Boy: The most Challenging game ever

Have you ever thought that your keyboard wasn’t up to standard and that you might need a new one? Well guess what guys? Cardak is here to rescue you with the game that will get you that new keyboard you always wanted, because your old one should be in pieces by the end of the game.

One level in super meat boy

Super Meat Boy, is a 2d side scrolling platforming puzzle games that has one feature… it is impossible NOT to die in this game. While death is unavoidable, it does give you a great feeling when you clear a level that you have been struggling with for the past hour. This game will challenge even the best gamer and make him or her want to break their 200 dollar keyboard in a fit of rage.

The replay mechanic will have you tearing your eyes out about how bad you are

So what does this game bring to the table and why should you play it? Well, Super meat boy has a great art style. The game has such a minimalist art style players can fully immerse into the game itself and the challenging difficulty it presents the players when they play the game.  The art team spared no expense too with the levels being designed in a way to show the blood trails you leave behind you when you walk or die. With the art so simplified, one might think that it takes away from the overall experience however, it in fact engages the player more and more as the screen turns more and more blood red from the constant fails you will have.

MFW told I have to play Super Meat Boy

A game with such a simple control system you would think that this game would be simple as well. However, the complex level designs in the late game prove this game to be extremely difficult. The game will leave players tearing their hair out at how challenging some of the levels are where one slip up means all your progress is halted and you have to start the level again. While the puzzles in this game are challenging it is lenient and will give an easy level here or there to build the players confidence up. All bets are off in the secret dark levels players can unlock. The dark levels system is when the game turns on the “Go F#@* yourself” mode and the levels basically seem impossible to beat. It takes away the easy route that is in the normal levels and places obstacles in the players way that they will have to get around to complete the level. While the dark levels are completely complete able, be prepared to lose hours of your life trying to win the game.

Overall, Super Meat Boy is a really really good game, it is simple and minimalist which makes it good to play however, the game is incredibly frustrating as you will see in the lets play that will be coming out in the not so distant future.

P.S I wish to once again apologize for my lack of posting over the past weeks, I have been moving house and unable to connect to the internet in this time. ~~ Cardak


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