The following writing piece was created for my 2014 Major project at the university of Wollongong.

Original Title: “DOOM: id software’s best creation”

Everyone: “Hey Why hasn’t Cardak been Posting lately?”
Cardak: “Well sadly I have been going through some personal dramas that have prevented me from focusing recently.”
Everyone:” Ok thats understandable, will you be producing some new reviews now?”
Cardak” I’d love too, EXCEPT, my computer won’t play games due to technical difficulties so enjoy what I produce now!”

Ok, after getting that little explanation out of the way, yes I am writing something here, but it isn’t a review of an indie game per say. My computer is currently needing some work done on it so for now I shall be posting some reviews of some older and cheap games that everyone should play before they die. The first game I plan to use is none other than DOOM.

Created by John Carmack and John Romero way back in 1993, DOOM has become an Iconic game in the history of first person shooters. The game came with a simple premise, you are alone in the UAC spacestation on mars with hordes of demons trying to kill you, your mission is to survive. Other than a few short messages between each of the games episodes, you really have no cut scenes or story to follow. You just fight your way through maze after maze killing Demons and collecting ammo.

The art style in the game is very 90’s with pixels everywhere. Each demon in the game has a unique 2D death pose that will always look the same no matter what angle you look at it (god I love the 90s graphics). The levels in the game start of very technological but slowly become more and more demonic as you fall into the depths of hell. Also the levels start of really simple in the early game but towards the end the levels become more and more difficult to find everything on the map. Doom has this great mechanic where each level has a number of secrets that give the player bonuses and in the later levels the bonuses become the difference between life and death with the secrets providing ammo, health and bigger weapons.

Speaking of weapons the game provides the player with 8 fun and gruesome weapons to play with throughout the game. Each weapon has its own advantage but everyone who plays doom knows that the one gun everyone wants is the BFG9000. There is nothing more satisfying than firing off a round from that gun and obliterating all the demons on screen. Besides the BFG we have the standard pistol, shotgun, chainsaw, chain-gun, rocket launcher, and plasma rifle. In doom 2 the developers added a double barreled shotgun for more destruction however, in the original game there was only the single barreled shotgun.

The weapons (source)

Overall this game has held up during the test of time. The game is just as fun today as it was 21 years ago when it was first released. The doom franchise has grown over the years and now is one of the most iconic franchises in the industry. Currently id Software is working with bethesda to bring the fans of the series DOOM 4. if you bought Wolfienstien the new order then you would have a beta key ready to go on the next gen platforms and PC. You can currently get your hands on a copy of DOOM in the DOOM 3 BFG edition on steam. The games offered in that are DOOM, DOOM 2 and DOOM 3. so what are you waiting for? go kill some demons!!


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